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The Magical Gift of Swim

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by Naomi Legault

Published on

December 04, 2019

Just the other day I got together with one of my close girlfriends for lunch before the holidays. It was so great to catch up as it’s hard on a good day, let alone the holidays. Naturally, we got to talking about our Christmas plans and so on and Christmas shopping since it’s only one month away (yikes panic mode!?)

We were talking about how we have the tedious looming task of toy purging…..for me in a house with two children turning three and five in just a few short weeks, my house is overrun with toys. Silly toys cluttering and making messes that half the time they aren’t played with. What a waste of money no less. With Christmas approaching, I absolutely have this at the TOP of my to do list.

As we continued our lovely catch up, we were talking about what activities the kids were into these days and I was filling her in on Jax and how he’s become such an amazing swimmer, now that he’s been taking classes at the Aqua Life since his third birthday, almost 2 years now. I can barely do the doggy paddle, however for my children swim lessons are essential. A true gift for all of us!

We both agreed that toys end up collecting dust or in a landfill but the gift of swimming is invaluable and could save their lives! Not to mention that it’s super fun, of course. Once you learn how to swim it’s a skill you will have for life.

Jax has absolutely flourished in his lessons since he started when he was three. Now he’s almost five and I can’t believe he doesn’t need floaties or anything when we are in our hot tub or on vacation! And it’s been like that for quite some time. I was beyond impressed to see how quickly the progress was made since he started and each and every single week it still continues!

His instructor Sierra is so wonderful and caring. She really focuses on his needs and comfort level. Every single class we get her review and feedback, not something I have ever experienced in a city or other swim class. As a result, I cannot wait to get my youngest son, Hudson, in the pool with Aqua Life when he turns three shortly, and the plan is to get him eventually in the same semi-private class as Jax.

My girlfriend loved the idea of signing up her son for swim lessons as a Christmas gift but struggled with the idea of what to put under the tree. I struggled with this too but then I got creative! Just wrap a swim related toy and include a little note explaining that lessons are included! A cool beach towel, new swim goggles, a swimsuit with their favourite characters, diving toys etc. and voila! Your child has a fun, useful ‘toy’ to open with their experience. Here’s to diving into Christmas with a big splash!

If you have any questions, suggestions, or are trying to find the way to taking your first dip into the wide world of water, then reach out to,and jump in with us at The Aqua Life Swim Academy!