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Pool Rules

  • Clients should enter the pool only in an instructor’s care and for the duration of the lesson.
  • On arrival, clients are invited to sign-in at the reception desk, before entering the pool area.
  • Access to the pool is only available during the designated time slots for lessons. Permission to use the facility amenities such as the sauna, hot tub, and gym is not granted. (i.e. gym, hot tub, sauna, kitchen, etc.)
  • If applicable, the parent(s) or guardian(s) of the swimmers shall remain on the pool at all times for the full duration of the class.
  • Children who are under 3 years of age and older children who are not fully toilet trained, shall wear a reusable or disposable swim diaper at all times.


There are no registration deadlines. Students registering for classes can join at any time subject to available capacity. Once registered, clients can swim throughout the entire year, and lessons run for as long as they are registered for lessons. Classes will start upon registration, unless otherwise specified.

Class Length 

Classes are 30 minutes in length, with 28 minutes of instruction. During the last 2 minutes of class, the instructor will provide feedback, and, for the last minute, the instructor will prepare for their next lesson.


Clients can withdraw from lessons by giving at least thirty (30) days written notice of cancellation via email to the month prior. All withdrawals are processed at the end of the month (to withdraw for July 31st, written notice must be received before June 30th, a notice received on May 15th will apply towards a withdrawal at the end of June). Mid-month withdrawal are not possible.


In the case that a pool is closed due to inclement weather or maintenance, the clients will be credited for the classes cancelled due to the closure. This will be a credit, and not a refund. The credit will be applied to future tuition and cannot be converted to cash or transferred to any other party. Credits may be used at any of Aqua Life’s pool locations and for any of the programs offered. All credits expire 1 (one) year after the date they were applied to the account. Credits are not offered for missed classes.


When a client enrolls in classes they reserve a slot that is in high demand. By reserving this spot, the client is agreeing to pay for the reserved spot independent of their attendance. It is the client’s responsibility to make sure that vacations, appointments and other activities do not interfere with their scheduled swimming class for which they have enrolled. The Aqua Life will offer no tuition refunds for classes missed for any reason.

Make-up Classes 

Due to limited pool time, no make-up class shall be offered for those lessons that the clients cannot attend.

Unforeseeable events may prevent clients from attending their scheduled classes. To provide our clients with the best possible experience, while still maintaining the quality of our program, the following makeup policy has been established:

Makeup classes due to client absences:

  • No makeups are offered for classes that the clients cannot attend
  • No refunds or credits are offered for any missed lessons
  • If an absence is marked through the parent portal at least 24 hours before the absence date, clients are allowed to book a replacement class based solely on availability (i.e.: other classes with absences). These classes have no monetary value, and they are not transferable.
  • These classes do not carry over, and must be used during the period of enrollment. There is no limit on the number of these replacement classes, space permitting.
  • Replacement classes can be booked up 14 days ahead of the class time, at any of our pools, and with an instructor other than the client’s regular instructor.
  • Replacement classes may be booked in advance of being absent from a specific class or after the client has been away, as long as an absence has been added in the parent portal.
  • These complimentary replacement classes are a COURTESY and are NOT GUARANTEED to be available at the client’s location/day/time of choice. Replacement classes must be used within the current registration term, and they will not be carried over. The client must be currently enrolled to participate in a replacement class.
  • Replacement lessons are subject to program availability.

Makeup classes due to Aqua Life cancellations:

  • Makeup lessons are offered only when The Aqua Life has to cancel a class due to instructor unavailability, pool maintenance or other unforeseen reasons. We will notify clients as soon as possible in case of cancellations, and will do our best to schedule makeup classes in a timely manner.
  • To be noted that as long as the clients receive 4 classes per month, there are no makeups offered. For example, in months when there are 5 Mondays, if a day is cancelled the clients would still receive 4 lessons, and it would not require a makeup class.
  • Offered make-up classes must be used within the current registration term, and they will not be carried over. The client must be currently enrolled to participate in a replacement class.

Fees Monthly Classes (perpetual program):

  • Payments are processed on the 20th of each month for the next calendar month. If clients begin the program in the middle of a month, tuition will be prorated to reflect the start date. Billing will then process again on the 20th for the next month.
  • Monthly payments include 4 classes per month.
  • There shall be no refunds or credits after a monthly payment has been processed.

Fees Intensive Classes

  • Payments include 4 classes per week which are processed at the time of registration.
  • There shall be no refunds or credits after payment has been processed.
  • Clients shall provide valid payment information, including payment updates if necessary, before tuition is due. In the event that a monthly payment cannot be processed, existing registrations will be cancelled.

Map & Directions


Private Class

$229 +HST/ Month


$135 +HST/ Month/Student


500 Brisebois Cres. Ottawa ON K1E 0A6 Canada

Office Hours

Mon - Thurs : 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Fri : 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Sat - Sun :
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM


  • Change Rooms

Pool Information

  • 14m long
  • 1m to 1.35m deep
  • Leisure Pool

Instructors Available


With aquatics as a cornerstone of Eduardo’s life, he will be contributing expertise in all facets of water towards your swimming education and abilities with the Aqualife program. Having a waterpolo career that includes medals in the Jr. Pan Am games with team Canada, CAMEX games with team El Salvador, and OUA championships with Carleton University to name a few, proficiency, and familiarity with the nuanced dynamics of swimming are well understood, well developed, and well-refined to suit your needs. A then pursuit of further expertise and knowledge within the profession of lifeguarding and swimming, Eduardo has been in roles as a volunteer for drowning prevention and provincial public education, a Lifeguard/Swim Instructor Trainer and Examiner, Swim Club Program Coordinator, and Swim Camp Program Director, accumulating a robust array of skills, drills, techniques, and tricks of the trade, to set you up for success. Additionally, a Carleton University Degree in Psychology; a Minor in Sociology, allows Eduardo a tool kit to help clients overcome any personal mental obstacles that can arise when learning to swim. Getting you to flourish, whether you want to be swimming in the pool, at the cottage by the lake, competing with yourself and others, or being out at sea with the waves, Eduardo is excited and eager to help you reach any, and all, of your goals for the water.


Hello, my name is Vikram. I am an international graduate student at the University of Ottawa working towards a master’s degree in Systems Science & Engineering as well as serving as a lifeguard and swim instructor in the university’s aquatics department. I began swimming competitively when I was 4 years old back in India. Although I soon switched to playing basketball for my school and club, I was drawn back to swimming to rehabilitate myself from a severe ankle injury resulting from playing basketball. That is when I started appreciating swimming again. Since then, I have taught many of my friends how to swim and I strongly believe that swimming is a survival skill that everyone should learn, besides being one of the best ways to stay fit and healthy. Finally, my favorite style of swimming is the butterfly stroke because it is physically intense and very challenging to execute yet sublime to watch.


Hi! My name is Moj, and I'm very excited to be your Swim Instructor! 😁 I pursued a bachelor degree in French Literature at the University of Tehran, and I also played piano and sang for the Tehran Conservatory. I am also a mom of two amazing boys, and becoming a mom has been the best thing ever. The love for swimming came very early on in my life as I learned how to swim during my childhood years. For me, swimming was a source of fun and happiness, and it brought me so much joy as a child. Teaching French at a language school made me discover my passion for teaching and working with kids. I started to teach piano and swimming lessons as a private swim instructor. The time I spent as a swim instructor meant a lot to me, and I enjoyed it more than anything. I knew at that time that I had found my passion and my dream, and nothing could have stopped me. I love children and I love the water! Teaching swimming makes me happy and fulfilled, and I want to share this feeling and the joy that comes with it with every child, teen or adult wanting to learn how to swim. I'm here to share my passion, and teach everyone to love the water while staying safe.