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Meet Mélissa Susin: All about trust and connection
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by Corina Oaches

Published on

July 25, 2016

Mélissa Susin our Swim Instructor and Client Experience Co-ordinator

Mélissa’s love for the water stems from a childhood spent in the ocean along Canada’s East Coast. Growing up, she spent the summers in the ocean teaching her younger cousins to swim. It was here she realized swimming instruction would be a great venue to share her bright personality and love for the water. She’s been with the Aqua Life Swim Academy since its opening.

When she’s not teaching with Aqua Life, Mélissa enjoys everything from sports to visual art to music. When she’s able to make it to the ocean, she works on learning to surf.

Mélissa brings a warm spirit to lessons with her that enables her to build a high level of trust with her students. Her sparkly laugh makes even the most nervous students comfortable in the water with her, enabling her to get anxious students swimming happily. Mélissa hopes to impart her own joy of swimming in her students so they can have fun in the water while being safe.

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