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Aqua Life’s Driving Force – Meet Our Senior Aquatics Staff
Aqua Life’s Driving Force – Meet Our Senior Aquatics Staff - The Aqua Life

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by Corina Oaches

Published on

March 11, 2021

Meet our exceptionally talented and dedicated team of water superheroes, ready to welcome you, and help you in your aquatic journey. The core of Aqua Life and its incredible success rest on our amazing team. We don’t teach you only how to swim, we go way beyond that. We inspire, we support, we shape lives and build characters through creating a lifelong love for water in a safe and caring environment.

Our instructors are your coaches, they are your biggest supporters and they will inspire you to reach your aquatic goals, by encouraging you and by being there along the way.

Meet Danielle our Client Delight Specialist & Head Swim Instructor

With over 10 years of experience in aquatics, Danielle brings a wide range of skills to the team. Having experience as an Aquatic Supervisor, Instructor Trainer and Program Director, Danielle is dedicated to creating the best customer experience possible. From the first inquiry, to every lesson you attend, she is focused on making your experience at The Aqua Life second to none. Danielle loves to help her instructors excel, see the swimmers succeed and hear all the feedback. With her bubbly personality, children, parents, and staff find it easy to connect with her. Please reach out with any questions and concerns. She is always happy to help.

Meet Sepide our Extraordinaire Head Swim Instructor

Swimming since 9 years old, Sep brings an extensive and rich background in aquatics. Swimming as a competitive swimmer for the University of Tehran’s swim team and later on, being selected for Iran’s National Swim team, Sep won many medals being six times gold medalist in breaststroke, and winning four times first place in swim relay. She moved on to become a swim coach for 2 years at the Al Zahra University in Tehran. Swimming has always been a passion for Sep, and she has been teaching swimming for over 14 years. With a Bachelors in Phys Ed and Exercise Physiology followed up by a Masters in Exercise Physiology and a 2 years PhD in Cardiovascular Exercise Physiology, Sep will bridge the science and technique of swimming with your potential, by making you a better and more robust swimmer. When not teaching, you will always see Sep somewhere on the pool deck, helping and coaching our awesome instructors. Her warm and nurturing nature, make her such a joy to hop in the water with!

Meet Mackenzie our Remarkable Head Swim Instructor

Mackenzie brings to Aqua Life a competitive swimming background combined with a passion for working with children and adults, and coaching them to achieve their aquatic goals. She knows how to take your weakness and turn it into your strength. Mackenzie has been a part of the Aqua Life family for almost 3 years now, and she has taught thousands of classes. She is remarkable with our more anxious swimmers, by putting them at ease and creating a trusting bond with them. Mackenzie is attending her first year at Queen’s University studying Global Development. In her spare time, she enjoys many competitive sports such as Field Hockey, Hockey and Soccer.

Meet Bodie our Vibrant Head Swim Instructor

Bodie has been swimming since he was 4 years old, and hasn’t stopped since. When Bodie was learning how to swim, he encountered a challenge passing Swim Kids II, however, after a breakthrough, he found his love for swimming and never looked back. His determination, focus and hard work were his guiding forces to attain the aquatic leadership certificates he needed to become a swim instructor. His love for water and teaching come across through each of his classes, and kids love him! His spontaneous and creative energy bring a slash of vibrancy to all his classes, and he will have his swimmers engaged and focused while having so much fun! Bodie is currently pursuing a college degree in Police Foundation, hoping to become an RCMP officer.

Meet Laura our Senior Swim Instructor

Laura is attending Ottawa University studying Health Sciences, and is working towards a career in Occupational Therapy. She has been a member of the Aqua Life family for over 3 years. She has a synchronized swimming background, and competed for over 5 years. For as long as she can remember, Laura has always loved to be in, on, or around the water. In her classes, Laura brings her calm and nurturing nature, while focusing on her swimmers’ progress, safety and comfort. Her welcoming demeanour and patience make her an outstanding instructor for all our beginner and advanced swimmers alike. Laura’s approach is methodic and mature in her teaching, and once they’ve met her, her students never want to leave her classes!

Meet Joel our Senior Swim Instructor

Joel is completing his second year at Carlton University in Psychology. He has been a part of the Aqua Life family for two years now. He has over 5 years of experience in teaching kids and adults how to swim, coupled with 5 years of competitive swimming under his belt! His mature and analytical approach towards his swimmers, help him deliver highly focused and tailored swim classes to his students. His gentle and caring nature make him a real superstar amongst our students. Joel is also an avid animal lover, especially cats!


Meet Sierra our Senior Swim Instructor

Sierra is attending Algonquin College for Advanced Pre-Health Science, and she has been with the Aqua Life family for close to 3 years. She loves working with children and she is a very creative and patient instructor. In the water, Sierra will deliver a great and fun filled class, focusing on lots of feedback and stroke manipulations. Her swimmers love jumping in the water with her! You can recognize her enthusiasm right from the other side of the pool, as she brings her energy and bubbly personality to each of her classes! In her spare time, Sierra enjoys swimming, singing, and scuba diving.

Meet Rosanna our Chief Revenue & Scheduling Strategist

With a wealth of experience in hospitality, Rosanna also brings a genuine love for helping people. Friendly and easy-going, she loves to build real relationships when she works with clients and colleagues alike. Rosanna is consulting on matters such as sales, expansion and program delivery, helping to bring Aqua Life to the next level! Rosanna has been part of The Aqua Life family for the past 6 years, and her amazing problem-solving skills and insights give Aqua Life its competitive edge! Rosanna is a proud mother of two young daughters aged 8 and 10, who can appreciate the challenges of a busy schedule while being a successful professional. At home, Rosanna enjoys playing dress-up and dancing with her little ones.


Learning to swim is an essential life skill and as a premium provider of swim lessons in Ottawa, The Aqua Life isready to safely serve you! Find a lesson that best fits your skill level and schedule here.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or are trying to find the way to taking your first dip into the wide world of water, then reach out to,and jump in with us at The Aqua Life Swim Academy!