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The Top Five Benefits of Semi Private Swim Lesson

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by Dimitrie

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February 19, 2019

It’s that time of year when we’re all ready for sunny days, warmer weather, and spring break. If you haven’t finalized your spring break plans yet and are wondering what to do with the kids home for days on end, we have the answer!

The Aqua Life Swim Academy’s Spring Break Intensives are a great way for your kids to burn off some energy during spring break. Not only will they get some exercise, but they’ll also have fun while brushing up on their swimming skills.

Why spring break intensive swimming lessons?

Most families settle in for the winter, and unless you have a membership to a local pool, it’s unlikely that the kids have spent any time in the water since last summer. Spending some time in the pool will serve as a great refresher–and isn’t that what spring break is all about?

Whether you’re planning a beach vacation this summer or plan to spend lots of time vegging at the lake or the pool, you’ll want to make sure your child is equipped with the skill and knowledge necessary to keep them safe in the water. Our spring break intensives can lead you towards warm, sunny, swim-filled days with a better peace of mind.

Here’s why intensive lessons work:

  1. They provide a big bang for the buck: swimming every day of the week is like an entire month’s worth of lessons in a shorter amount of time (the perfect refresher/skill builder course)
  2. The frequency of the lessons work to build muscle memory, a key component of swimming.
  3. Intensive lessons help swimmers at all levels improve their skills more quickly, and they’re especially helpful for swimmers who need to conquer a particular hurdle in order to become better swimmers
  4. Accelerated lessons give children who experience fear or anxiety in the water more time with their teacher and more time in the pool to feel comfortable. Eliminating fear and reducing anxiety helps your child to relax and learn necessary skills and techniques

If it’s been a while since your child spent any time in the water, bring them to our pools and give them the skills they need to be safer, stronger swimmers than they were last spring and summer. Sign up for a spring break intensive so your child will be summer-ready!

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