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Kids Swimming Lessons Kanata

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by Joshua Zitting

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July 06, 2022

Kids Swimming Lessons Kanata

What is the best age for a child to start swimming lessons?

There is no definitive answer since each youngster grows at a different pace. However, most experts believe that it is never too soon to begin! Even newborns may benefit from simple water exposure and swimming exercises.

How many lessons does it take for a child to learn to swim?

It differs from kid to kid, but learning to swim generally takes time and kids can learn at their own rate. That is why we have various levels of instruction. As your child masters one area, they may advance to the next set of abilities. Allowing them to develop at their own speed,to%20learn%20how%20to%20swim.

What can I teach my young kids about swimming?

In our “Parent and Tot” classes, we concentrate on teaching your kid the following:

– How to be safe around water

– How to enter and exit the pool safely

– How to blow bubbles

– How to float on their front and back

– How to kick their legs

– How to move their arms in a swimming motion

How often should kids take swimming lessons?

We recommend that you attend your lessons on a regular basis to get the most out of them. Regularly attending swimming lessons, on the other hand, is beneficial. Life may get in the way, and weekly classes may be impossible at times. In this case, we advocate taking lessons as frequently as possible.

How long are Our kids’ swimming lessons in Kanata?

Our swimming lesson programs for children’s range are 30 minutes

Swimming lessons in Kanata and Safety

Yes! Safety is a top priority for us. All of our instructors are lifeguards with considerable expertise interacting with children. To ensure that each kid receives the attention they require, we keep a low student-to-instructor ratio.

What should my child wear to swimming lessons?

For most swimming lesson programs, children should wear a swimsuit and swim diaper (if necessary). Swim caps and goggles are optional; if desired, they may be worn.

We offer 5 different levels of swimming lessons for kids in Kanata:

– Parent and Tot – 4 Months to 3 Years old

– Swim 101 – 3+ years old

– Swim Strokes 201 – 4+ years old

– Advanced Swim Strokes 301 – 4+ years old

Parent and Tot Swim Lessons in Kanata:

Introduce your youngster to the water in a secure and fun way! Our program is the first of its kind in Canada and is designed to teach small swimmers how to submerge, control their breath, kick on both sides, and swim underwater.

Take a dip in our heated, salt-water pool with your little one as they learn about the joys of swimming. We propose that you begin your baby at four months old to increase confidence in and around the pool.

Children then graduate to our Swim 101 program.

Kids Swim lesson Classes Kanata

Kids Lessons | Swim 101

In our Swim 101 courses, we start by laying the groundwork for your child to swim on their own. They’ll learn things like self-submersion and breath control, front and back kicks, and freestyle swimming with their face in the water.

We utilize a Power Swimr to assist our Swim 101 youngsters under the age of six develop confidence in the water: a scared youngster is unlikely to learn effectively! This gadget adapts to your child’s skill level by removing foam layers until they are comfortable, providing just enough support for them to take those leaps of faith.

Once children can swim 15 meters unassisted and breathe naturally, they enter into Swim Strokes 201.

Kids Lessons | Swim Strokes 201 | Kanata

Swimming with the help of Swim Strokes 201 can help your child from beginner to expert swimmer. This lesson incorporates flutter kick, which is a movement technique for backstroke and freestyle (front crawl) with side breathing, as well as fundamental abilities that will benefit them in future competitive or long-distance swimming.

When children can swim 20m freestyle with side breathing and 20m backstroke unassisted, they advance to Advanced Swim Strokes 301.

Kids Lessons | Advanced Swim Strokes 301

Swim confidently! Your child will learn the skills necessary for competitive swimming or lifeguard training utilizing Swim With Confidence’s 300-Hour Advanced Swim Strokes 301 course. Students acquire the muscular memory to master these complicated strokes through thorough instruction and specialized exercises. We also concentrate on improving freestyle and backstroke swimming. The breathing, confidence, and safety skills they learn in this session are critical for any future swimming endeavors.

This program is designed for children who can swim an 80m individual medley that includes 20m of each stroke: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.

Kids Lessons | Competitive Swim 101 in Kanata

With our Competitive Swim 101 class, Your youngster will be ready for a competitive swim team if you enroll in our program. Using special training methods, your child will gain endurance and learn to swim at a reasonable pace. We focus on four of the most fundamental abilities: all of the major strokes, as well as pool turning.

Who offers the best kids swimming lessons in Kanata?

The Aqua Life offers the best swimming instructors in the city! Our instructors are qualified, professional, and seasoned. They understand how to interact with children of all ages and abilities.Additionally, our heated, salt-water pool is perfect for swimming lessons. It’s comfortable and clean, so your child can focus on learning how to swim.

If you’re looking for children’s swimming lessons in Kanata, The Aqua Life is the place to go! We provide a variety of training options to meet your child’s needs, whether they’re a beginner or an advanced swimmer. To register for a class, contact us now!

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