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Are you passionate about teaching swimming and water safety? Do you want to gain valuable experience and skills that will stay with you for years to come? If so, The Aqua Life Swim Academy is the perfect place for you!

We are looking for reliable, motivated, focused, nurturing, and fun individuals to join our growing team of instructors. If you have these qualities and are ready for an unforgettable experience, our team is the perfect fit for you.

All our new swim instructors receive advanced training in our aquatic methodology and delivery. This training includes a thorough understanding of the different strokes, techniques, and skills involved in swimming, as well as how to effectively teach and demonstrate these skills to your students. We also cover safety protocols and procedures for working with students in the pool, as well as how to adapt instruction to the individual needs and abilities of each student. By receiving our advanced training in aquatics every new swim instructor will be well-prepared to provide high-quality instruction to their students, and help them achieve their goals in the pool.

Our instructor’s role can be full time or part time, depending on availability. The starting rate of pay ranges between $19.00 – $20.00 per hour based on your education, certifications, and experience. If you do not have the required certifications right now, we can help you with that, as well! Schedules are flexible around weekday afternoons, and evenings.

Not only will you gain valuable experience and skills, but you will also have fun at work! You will be a professional, yet still laugh, smile, and play for hours at a time. You’ll leave a lasting legacy in people’s lives with the work you do. Join us and be a part of our growing business today!

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So If You Are Confident That:

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Send us YOUR RESUME and tell us why you believe you are the right fit to join our team

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You can create a safe and fun learning environment

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You are responsible and accountable

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You are are patient and supportive

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You have a professional and positive attitude

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You love learning and bettering yourself

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