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How to put on goggles

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by Corina Oaches

Published on

October 03, 2017

Have you ever got your kid’s hair caught in the band of their goggles? It HURTS. This week’s video takes you through how to put on your child’s goggles – without pulling out any of their hair.

A few quick tips on goggles before you watch:

  • Size them to your child’s head before you head to your lesson. Goggles can be tricky to adjust and nobody wants them to leak or come off mid-lesson.
  • You know how the band on most goggles splits into two parts on the back of your head? This is actually meant to secure them better – make sure you separate the band slightly once you get them on. (check out the video for a demonstration)
  • For kids with ponytails, the band should split on either side of their hair. This will keep their goggles stable and their hair out of their way!

Any other tips on how to put on goggles? Leave them in the comments!




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