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How to put on a swim cap

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by Dimitrie

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October 21, 2017

Does your kid wear a swim cap during lessons? There are so many great reasons to wear one, from protecting your luscious locks to staying aerodynamic when you’re in the water. Whatever the reason, swim caps can be troublesome – especially when you’re trying to get one on a kid.

Check out the video for two straightforward ways to get that swim cap on!

Solo method:

Pull your hair back into a bun, ensuring it’s all secured behind your head. Remember that you should be able to split the strap on your goggles to go on either side of your bun or ponytail, even when you have a swim cap on. Place your hair accordingly. Once your hair is secured, bow your torso forward with your swim cap in both hands. Align the front peak of the cap with your forward, then pull back from there to fit the rest of your head inside. Stand up and adjust!

With a friend:

Once your hair is secured, have a friend stand in front of you holding the back section of the swim cap. Grab the front portion with both hands and bow to align your head with the peak of the cap. Once you’re in position, have your buddy pull the back of the cap over the rest of your head. Stand up and adjust.

This method works well for parents helping a child put on their swim cap, as it leaves the trickier part of stretching the cap over the head to the helper, rather than the wearer.

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