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Swimming Made Safe... And Fun

Swimming is an incredible life skill. It helps toddlers, kids, and even adults overcome fear, discover how much they’re truly capable of, and stay safe. Plus, with Aqua Life, it’s FUN!
Discovering Confidence

Confidence is interesting. As parents, we can have confidence that our kids will be safe near water with the proper swim lessons. As swimmers, we can have confidence in our abilities to improve, to tackle tough challenges, to enjoy various bodies of water, and to get into great shape and overall health! But…

Some aren’t comfortable learning in big groups, while others thrive in them. Some prefer semi-private sessions to target their specific swim needs, while others are starting from scratch and need a more hands-on approach. We have several options for every swimmer. From the “What is swimming?” beginner to the “I know how to doggy-paddle” intermediate, our sessions can help everyone in a way that makes them feel comfortable and confident!

Our Own Unique Methodology

Aqua Life Swim Academy was founded by competitive swimmer, former lifeguard, and teacher, Stephanie Rainey, with the goal of making swimming fun and life-changing! Stephanie knew it was important for kids to learn to swim as early as possible… and, in order to accomplish this, learning had to be an absolute blast!

That’s what started it all and it’s why Parents LOVE bringing their children to Aqua Swim Life Academy! Their kids learn faster, can’t wait for their next swim lesson, and are much safer around water.

It’s remarkable just how good swimming is for all ages. It helps with muscle strength and production, lung development and deeper breathing, and impeccable heart health through cardiovascular exertion. All while having a blast! It’s really a Win… Win… Win… WIN!

YOU Are Why We Teach

The Aqua Life Swim Academy is all about fun, life-changing moments through the power of teaching toddlers, kids, and adults how to swim. There are so many life lessons built into learning to swim. As parents ourselves, we understand how important it is to be involved, helping your kids learn, and imparting life’s many pearls of wisdom into fun activities. That’s what we believe in. We’re Dimitrie and Corina, owners of The Aqua Life Swim Academy and this is our mission. We know personally and through our own children just how much of a positive impact learning to swim through The Aqua Life Methodology can have. It truly is life-changing and, as our extended family of wonderful clients love to say: FUN!